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Who’s Lauren Woolstencroft you ask? If you don’t know then shame on you and you will have to wait until the final thought to find out who she is. This week we went with 23 thoughts in honour of George Michael—who had the number one song on the planet 23 years ago with his mega […]

Another week and another round of thoughts. This week we thought we’d have some fun poking at President Barack Obama, Tiger Woods, and the world’s most dedicated father. We went with 25 thoughts this week in honor of the amount of times commentator Kevin Weekes said the term “goal line stand” during last night’s Canucks/Red […]

Hawaiian Fodder


Another week and another round of mind boggling sports thoughts that are sure to make you feverously swear at your computer. I’m in Hawaii on vacation this week so I actually wrote this column from the nice sandy beach outside of my condo; thus giving you the dedication and work ethic that you demand. This […]

The Olympics are over and life goes back to usual. Who else realized how boring there life was after the Olympics were over? This sports writer did, so he’s back with a vengeance with 22 sports thoughts that are sure to make you question why I still have a job here. We went with 22 […]

Yes it has been another week and yes I still have a job here, so you know what that means! Yes, another round of thoughts that is guaranteed to waste your time and enlighten you simultaneously. It’s how we get it done here at VSO. This week we opted to go with 25 thoughts for […]