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As I watched the Montreal Canadiens defeat the Washington Capitals, the number 1 seed in the NHL playoffs, I was left thinking to myself “this is going to ruin the NHL playoffs”. While I’m not against the casual underdog claiming improbable victory, the lasting impact of a colossal upset (like we saw on Wednesday night […]

Cialis Fodder


I used to be addicted to blogging. I’d blog in the day, at night, on vacation, I’d even blog from the ferry terminal. It was starting to become a real problem. Then my doctor prescribed me something…and then my blogging… just sorta stopped… *up comes Cialis logo* 1.  There has to be something said for […]

If this doesn’t take you back to 20 years ago I really don’t know what will. Am I the only one who hopes they get back together? And still hopes that Fedorov will come back to Detroit? I’m convinced that Fedorov is the only Red Wing player of all time that could pull off that […]

Here at the Jammerblog we tend to love certain athletes (Ovechkin) and not-so-love others (see point 8: James “Jimmy” Howard falls into the former. During last night’s pivotal game 5 in Phoenix, Jimmy made what Red Wing pundits believe to the biggest save of his young career–a stop that turned this Western Conference Quarter […]

I’m not sure if any of you saw this on Hockey Night in Canada but its definitely worth a look and most definitely worth a discussion. My two cents: Kesler has captain written all over him and given that he is now signed long term it makes sense that he would be the captain of […]

Helllllo everyone and welcome to another week of sports fodder that gets it poppin’, Fat Joe style. We went with 23 thoughts this week in honor of the amount of penalty minutes Vancouver Canucks’ Andrew Alberts has in 2 games this playoff. (See point 18 for more details.) 1. As we regress that the Masters […]

Check out this article from the Province newspaper this morning. Legitimate questions or sour grapes? Take a gander: Tony Gallagher: Yet another game for conspiracy theorists We all are learning to love conspiracy theories here in Vancouver with respect to hockey, so much so that we could be made honorary Americans who seem to celebrate […]

And here we thought the playoffs would miss John Tortorella…

Pavel Datsyuk workin’ the buffet at a pre game meal. I don’t see anything of quality on that buffet table. Note: Pic sent to me from

Get ready, because this column is “Burnin’ Up”. (Note: That might be the best joke on this week’s column. Warning you now and possibly saving you 10 minutes of your life). This week we went with 26 thoughts in honor of my boy Nick Jonas whose side project, Nike Jonas and the Administration has 26 […]