Why Hulk Hogan should fear for his life


Ok I know this is an old clip, but I’m going to go on record and call this “The Greatest Youtube Clip of ALL TIME”.  Here are Jammers’ favourite parts about this clip:

1) Booker T’s reaction to the whole thing. Right when he says it, he knows exactly what he said

2) The chick standing behind Booker T laughing after he says it.

3) How jacked up both those guys are. It’s literally as if they both roided up before this interview.

4) The idea that nobody is really sure if Booker T broke character or not when he said it. Did he say it as Booker T or did he say it as a thugged out black dude who literally wants to beat the crap out of Hulk Hogan?

5) The fact that nobody knows what the hell Booker T is talking about prior to him calling out Hogan.

6) Imagining the interaction between Booker T and Hulk Hogan right after this went down.

7) Trying to figure out how Mean Gene (the white guy) and Stevie Ray (the other way too jacked up black guy) didn’t start laughing their ass off right when this happend.

Enjoy. Much love,

The Jammer Blog


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