Draft Day Foddah


From John Wall, to Carlos Tevez, to a whole lot of unnecessary tennis, this week had it all! I hope we all took it in as much as we could because that’ll be the best week of sports we’ll see all offseason. So in honor of this great week, I will attempt to actually write a good post for the first time since that Booker T one. Enjoy.

  1. Let’s get er started with the NHL Draft. There is absolutely no reason that the first round should take 4 hours to complete. Teams should stop thanking their fans (see quote of week), stop talking about how excited they are to be here, stop thanking the city for their hospitality, and just cut out all unnecessary details about the player itself.
  2. This is how the Bruins should’ve just done their pick: “Seguin”. No first name needed, we don’t need to know what league or what team he played on, and we definitely don’t need to hear how happy you are to draft him. Just say his last name, and get off the stage. Scrap the whole picture and handshake ordeal too.
  3. Last tidbit on the NHL Draft: Anyone else think the only reason the Nucks went after Keith Ballard is to help themselves expedite their way out of that Luongo deal? I mean, if he’s forced to retire due to severe head and facial injuries, all of a sudden he’s off the books. Just saying…
  4. The NBA Draft also went down this week, and Jammer Blog brotha, John Wall went with the number 1 pick. If you didn’t see the John Wall post, check it out
  5. Although Sidney Crosby did not win anything at the NHL Award Show, he is heavily favored to clean up this weekend at the Grabbys
  6. Best part of the award show might’ve been the Getlzaf/Bobby Ryan Olympics skit. If you’re a USA hockey fan don’t watch this clip and get the hell off my site (kidding).
  7. Note: It’s nice to see that they got Kevin Weekes to do some comedy before the skit.
  8. Last tidbit about the NHL Awards: Jimmy Howard got screwed out of the Calder. Screwed.
  9. The NHL Hall of Fame inducted Angela James, Cammi Granato, and Dino Ciccerelli  on Tuesday, making it the worst Hall of Fame Class in any sports hall of fame ever as well as officially making the NHL Hall of Fame much like the league itself: a complete joke.
  10. I mean its one thing to let 2 women in, but to allow 3 in one class is a bit much.
  11. All Dino C. did in his career was play long enough to accumulate decent numbers. He didn’t win any individual awards, never won a cup, never had more than 1 double digit post season point splurge, and was never at any point one of the best players at a given time in league history.
  12. And lets not forget he DID indeed shake Claude Lemieux’s hand after THE DIRTIEST HIT IN HOCKEY whether “he can’t believe it” or not (3:20 mark).
  13. The Hall of Fame should just create a “pluggers” category where they put the likes of Dino, Rod Langway, Cam Neely, and any future women
  14. Picture of the Week: Given that it was draft week, we’d be remiss if we didn’t feature Len Bias on this blog post. Here’s a pic that makes you think “what if”, as this could have been one of basketballs great courtship rivalries
  15. Note: Isn’t it weird to see Jordan NOT wearing Nike shoes?
  16. Stat of the Week: Carlos Tevez’s wonder strike in the Round of 16 Match vs. Mexico clocked in at 111 KM/Hr. When he shoots a ball that hard into the net, Argentina is unbeaten in the tournament thus far.
  17. Quote of the Week: “Before we make our selection, we’d like to waste everyones time by saying hi to [insert team name here] fans who are back home in [insert team arena name here] watching the draft at our draft party”–25/30 NHL General Mangers at this years draft
  18. What’s funny about this quote is that teams like the Oilers, Penguins, and Bruins all have their draft parties at their home arenas while teams like the Thrashers, Panthers, and BJ’s all have it at a bar. I’m willing to bet tickets were still available for all the latter’s draft parties.
  19. Interesting note about these draft preambles: Not ONE team congratulated the Blackhawks on their cup win. Not ONE! That has to be the first time this has ever happened.
  20. Final thought: We had to save our coveted final spot to the rarest and most amazing sports event ever. No the Raptors didn’t finally do something right at the Draft, but rather the 10 hour tennis marathon.
  21. If you wanted to, you could’ve watched the whole first hour at home in Vancouver, taken a flight to England, got off the plane, cabbed down to Wimbledon, and caught the last HOUR of the game live.
  22. So to these great 2 competitors, regardless of what happened out there, you’re both winners our books.
  23. But in a more accurate way, John Isner is the winer and Nicolas Mahut is the guy who played tennis for 11 hours to not get to the 2nd round.

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