Jammer’s heartfelt message to his loyal fans and an ode to Brett Favre


I’m sorry. I truly am. To all my loyal fans out there, I am sorry. Both of you are really great guys and I feel like I’ve let you down.

It’s true that I have not been updating my blog recently. While one could see this as laziness, we at the Jammer Blog think of it as resting our creative juices. To make amends for my lackluster blogging performances these past couple weeks, I came across a hilairious story yesterday that I think you all may enjoy. Take a look.

NOTE: I assure you I knew about this story BEFORE I googled “Brett Favre penis”. Thats my story and I’m sticking to it.

Does anyone else think Brett Favre needs to stop flip-“flop”ping around? I mean training camps “hard” enough as it is without knowing whether or not Brett’s gonna “cum” back or not. His return would most definitely put the Vikings a”head” of the Packers in the NFC North only because Favre is the complete “package”. There is nobody better in a 3rd and “schlong” situation than the Golden Brett. Nobody would question if Favre “hung” em up or not, but many would question whether or not the Packers will “erect” Favre’s jersey into the stands when its all said and done. Word on the street is that Favre’s ankle is still a tad “stiffy” and that is preventing him announcing his return. There’s no doubt that Favre has the ability to “penetrate” the endzone like no other QB in the league, but one must wonder if all the crashing and “bangin” he’s done over the years has finally caught up to him.

Jammer blog prediction: Favre will be in the lineup vs. the Saints on opening night strictly because there will be a  big black “Bush” waiting for him upon his arrival.

The big black Bush


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