Happy Ramadan!


As-Salāmu `Alaykum (السلام عليكم) to all my readers.

Given the nature of the opening sentence, I may only have 2 minutes to finish this post before United States’ Secret Service rolls up to my house.

Given that Ramadan has now finally moved back into the summer, this year may be among the toughest Ramadan periods for Muslims in recent time. So in honor of this intense period, we have composed our all Muslim sports team (aka the FBI’s watch list).

The heart and soul of the Vancouver Grizzlies

Just take a look at this front cover. Shareef gets the cover picture while Kobe Bryant just gets his name on the cover. He was the only asset the Grizzlies had in their time here in Van City, and we opted to surround him with the likes of Big Country Reeves, Cherokee Parks, and Othella Harrington. Even Mecca couldn’t save SAR from this misery


Tariq Abdul-Wahad. The name says it all. We actually couldn’t figure out if this dude was Muslim or not but we just assumed he was. A member of the Denver Nuggets in NBA Jam TE for the Super Nintendo, Abdul-Wahad was the perfect compliment to Dikembe Mutombo (another guy who we aren’t sure if he’s Muslim or not and are way too lazy to go and find out).

The Credibility

The highest scoring player in NBA history. Arguably the greatest college player in history. Yes, this man alone adds a shitload of credibility to the Muslim athletic population. Jabbar also keeps a running theme of Muslim players having 3 names.

The Leafs blow it again

The Toronto Maple Leafs have a propensity of trading away ridiculously high draft picks (see Phil Kessel trade). So when they DO make a pick , you think they wouldn’t blow it. Yet, that is exactly what they did by taking Nazim Kadri with their 7th overall pick in the 2009 draft. You have a top 10 pick, and you draft a brown guy? Maybe the Leafs are breaking new scouting grounds here and Iran is the new hockey hot bed for talented young prospects…or the Leafs just blew their latest first round pick and wont get another one until 2012.

Algeria's National Soccer Team

This post could not be written without including these guys. Only losing 1-0 to England at the World Cup, Algeria boasted a team of what we believe to be all practitioners of the Muslim faith. We have no proof, we are once again just assuming. This is the one of a kind reporting you get only here at the Jammer Blog.


Oh yeah, him. Arguably the greatest convert in the history of the religion (sorry Cat Stevens). Arguably the greatest athlete of all time (sorry Manny Malholtra). Arguably should have been the first guy on this last (not gonna lie, may have totally forgotten about Ali until right now).  There isn’t much to say about Ali that hasn’t already been said. So we thought we’d end off with a quote from the GOAT himself: “I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.”

Happy Ramadan everyone! I want everyone to know that I ate a huge pork sandwich as I wrote this and am now going to the bar for 11am happy hour. Cheers!


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