Aww, you done did it now. Chaos you shoulda put this one in the vault man!


2011 Superbowl MVP, Brett Favre

Favre’s back bitches. While we may not be the first ones to report this (damn you ESPN), the Jammer Blog will be the first to fly down to Minnesota (economy class) and hand the Minnesota Vikings the 2011 Superbowl.  In honor of the greatest QB of all time returning to the NFL we thought we’d post a bunch of songs we felt would commemorate this occasion.

Jay Z- Show me what you got

I think 0:30-0:50 of this video sum up exactly what Brett Favre should say in his press conference.  Vikings fans, put “hands up and.. wave, wave, wave, wave”

PS. How sick is Jay-Z? Off the charts

John Cena- I’m a bad bad man

This song IS Brett Favre. The Vikings should do their team run out before a game and then there should be silence. And then this song should play, and Favre should do his own entrance (for both home AND road games). 0:55-1:00 sums up the message Brett Favre is sending to the rest of the league.

Chingy-Balla Baby

This chorus does a good job of summing up Brett Favre’s status in the NFL.

Mariah Carey-Hero

This song  is blaring out of the speakers in homes all across Minnesota. Is there a more fitting line than from 0:50-1:05?

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Theme Song

Just replace Stone Cold with Favre in this video and this video is a good indication of what Favre is going to do to the league this year.

If the Vikings lose game 1 I am going to look like an even bigger idiot than I already do. But ladies and gentleman, this is the on the edge, high risk reporting we bring you here at the Jammer Blog.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday


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