NFL Thoughts from Week 1


What up motha f*ck*s! Jammer back in the house for a little blogging action here. After having my heartbroken by an old looking Brett Favre, an inept looking Cowboys offense, and a Kevin Kolb fantasy selection, I am back to provide you with my thoughts from a scintillating week 1

1. Don’t look now (but if you must, here is where you look), but after going 14-0 to start the season last year, the Indianapolis Colts have lost 4 of their last 6 games (8 of the last 10 if you include Pre Season). The best part is, they’ve lost those 4 games all by double digits and have been outscored 124-61 in the process.

2. Jammers Bold statement number 1: The Colts suck balls

3. 8 of the 12 teams that made the playoffs last year lost game 1 of the season. The hardest part is deciding which team looked worst. The Bengals and their “high flying offense” were down 17-0 before I chopped down my morning wood, the Jets didn’t complete a 3rd down until the 4th quarter when all of North America switched the channel to watch Nadal win the US Open, and the Cowboys did this . NFL Football and it’s finest ladies and gentleman.

4. Jammers Bold statement number 2: The Jets lose next week vs. the Patriots and all of New York turns their back on Mark Sanchez.

5. Ray Lewis. Enough said.

6. The post Donovan McNabb era in Philly could not have started off any worse. Lets recap: D Mac gets traded out of Philly to a divisional rival (Washington), who go on to win their first game against last years NFC East Champions (Dallas Cowboys) on National Television.  Meanwhile, his replacement in Philadelphia, Kevin Kolb, ends the 1st quarter of his game vs. the Packers by leading his team to negative yards in the passing game. To make matters worse, Kolb is then forced to leave the game in the 2nd quarter with a concussion and may not be able to play this Sunday. To make matters even more disastrous, Kolb is replaced by “Public Relations Media Darling” Michael Vick, who actually plays so well that there is now a QB controversy in Philadelphia.

7. So in honor of this situation in Philly and because we love Michael Vick here at the Jammer Blog (Fuck you PETA), here is a retro video clip to get you through your day. Would anyone else like to see a remix of this song, featuring Michael Vick?

Much love.

The Jammer Blog


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