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  The Jammer Blog is back. Why were we gone? What were we doing? Did we find another lover? Yes to all 3.   This video clip was just way too funny and I’m sure as hell glad somebody put it on Youtube. Quick recap: Canucks are getting killed out in Minnesota. Lu sucks balls. […]

What up motha f*ck*s! Jammer back in the house for a little blogging action here. After having my heartbroken by an old looking Brett Favre, an inept looking Cowboys offense, and a Kevin Kolb fantasy selection, I am back to provide you with my thoughts from a scintillating week 1 1. Don’t look now (but […]

Favre’s back bitches. While we may not be the first ones to report this (damn you ESPN), the Jammer Blog will be the first to fly down to Minnesota (economy class) and hand the Minnesota Vikings the 2011 Superbowl.  In honor of the greatest QB of all time returning to the NFL we thought we’d […]

Happy Ramadan!


As-Salāmu `Alaykum (السلام عليكم) to all my readers. Given the nature of the opening sentence, I may only have 2 minutes to finish this post before United States’ Secret Service rolls up to my house. Given that Ramadan has now finally moved back into the summer, this year may be among the toughest Ramadan periods […]

Mo-Mo-Mo-Modaaaaaaaaaaaano. He is. He is. Mo-Mo-Mo-Modaaaaaaaaaaaano. The hometown boy has finally come home. The highest scoring American player of all time has signed on for 1 year with the Detroit Red Wings. Pimpin. Many of you are probably wondering how and when he came to this decision. Lucky for you, I did some snooping around […]

I’m sorry. I truly am. To all my loyal fans out there, I am sorry. Both of you are really great guys and I feel like I’ve let you down. It’s true that I have not been updating my blog recently. While one could see this as laziness, we at the Jammer Blog think of […]

As we all watched (happily) as the United States got knocked out of the World Cup earlier today, I couldn’t help but think what they needed to add in order to improve 4 years from now. Well, they need strikers (not one goal in World Cup Play from a striker since 1992), they could definitely […]

With the first pick of the NBA Draft, the  Washington Wizards selected Kentucky PG John Wall. We here at The Jammer Blog are big fans of the said Wall, and immediately busted out the John Wall dance upon selection. We love John Wall the player (16.5PPG, 6.5 APG), the student (3.5 GPA), and the dancer […]

Ok I know this is an old clip, but I’m going to go on record and call this “The Greatest Youtube Clip of ALL TIME”.  Here are Jammers’ favourite parts about this clip: 1) Booker T’s reaction to the whole thing. Right when he says it, he knows exactly what he said 2) The chick […]

With the Vancouver Canucks wilting away in front of their home fans on Tuesday Night, it got me thinking. For the last 4 years, no team has taken as much heat as the San Jose Sharks for their horrifying playoff struggles. While I believe this is fair, I began to wonder why the Canucks aren’t […]