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  The Jammer Blog is back. Why were we gone? What were we doing? Did we find another lover? Yes to all 3.   This video clip was just way too funny and I’m sure as hell glad somebody put it on Youtube. Quick recap: Canucks are getting killed out in Minnesota. Lu sucks balls. […]

“You may make it. You may not. But that doesn’t matter, Jammer. What matters is that you’re here. Look around. Who ever thought you’d make it this far. 1..2..3.. triple deke. Take your best shot. I believe in you Jammer. Win or lose.”–Gordon Bombay, pumping me up before my latest sports fodder. 1.  I defy […]

With the Vancouver Canucks wilting away in front of their home fans on Tuesday Night, it got me thinking. For the last 4 years, no team has taken as much heat as the San Jose Sharks for their horrifying playoff struggles. While I believe this is fair, I began to wonder why the Canucks aren’t […]

Here at the Jammerblog we tend to love certain athletes (Ovechkin) and not-so-love others (see point 8: James “Jimmy” Howard falls into the former. During last night’s pivotal game 5 in Phoenix, Jimmy made what Red Wing pundits believe to the biggest save of his young career–a stop that turned this Western Conference Quarter […]

I’m not sure if any of you saw this on Hockey Night in Canada but its definitely worth a look and most definitely worth a discussion. My two cents: Kesler has captain written all over him and given that he is now signed long term it makes sense that he would be the captain of […]