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What up motha f*ck*s! Jammer back in the house for a little blogging action here. After having my heartbroken by an old looking Brett Favre, an inept looking Cowboys offense, and a Kevin Kolb fantasy selection, I am back to provide you with my thoughts from a scintillating week 1 1. Don’t look now (but […]

I’m sorry. I truly am. To all my loyal fans out there, I am sorry. Both of you are really great guys and I feel like I’ve let you down. It’s true that I have not been updating my blog recently. While one could see this as laziness, we at the Jammer Blog think of […]

Another week and another bunch of thoughts on the week of sports! This week once again I opted to go with 28 thoughts in honor of Lady Gaga’s number 1 hit Bad Romance. Why 28? Because she says the word “romance” 28 times in that song. Ladies and gentleman, the future of songwriting! Let’s get […]