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We hate this guy. As you will see in the first 2 points, not only is he an overpaid, overrated, and over hyped human being/player, but he is also a colossal determent to his own team. Enjoy. Ps. We hate Keith Ballard. Lets start it off with Ballard at his finest. His fine composure and […]

As I sat down last night to watch the Lost series finale, I prepped myself for a 1 hour finale that was sure to answer all the questions they had set up for 6 years. I soon realized that it would be longer than an hour, so I assumed I’d be sitting here for 2 […]

This week we got 26 thoughts for you on the revealing yet satisfying week in the world of sports. We went with 26 thoughts in honour of the TV show Glee, which has produced 26 singles that have made it onto the US Billboard Hot 100, including this one that peaked at number five: […]