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As I sat down last night to watch the Lost series finale, I prepped myself for a 1 hour finale that was sure to answer all the questions they had set up for 6 years. I soon realized that it would be longer than an hour, so I assumed I’d be sitting here for 2 […]

As I watched the Montreal Canadiens defeat the Washington Capitals, the number 1 seed in the NHL playoffs, I was left thinking to myself “this is going to ruin the NHL playoffs”. While I’m not against the casual underdog claiming improbable victory, the lasting impact of a colossal upset (like we saw on Wednesday night […]

Hawaiian Fodder


Another week and another round of mind boggling sports thoughts that are sure to make you feverously swear at your computer. I’m in Hawaii on vacation this week so I actually wrote this column from the nice sandy beach outside of my condo; thus giving you the dedication and work ethic that you demand. This […]