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Cialis Fodder


I used to be addicted to blogging. I’d blog in the day, at night, on vacation, I’d even blog from the ferry terminal. It was starting to become a real problem. Then my doctor prescribed me something…and then my blogging… just sorta stopped… *up comes Cialis logo* 1.  There has to be something said for […]

Get ready, because this column is “Burnin’ Up”. (Note: That might be the best joke on this week’s column. Warning you now and possibly saving you 10 minutes of your life). This week we went with 26 thoughts in honor of my boy Nick Jonas whose side project, Nike Jonas and the Administration has 26 […]

The Olympics are over and life goes back to usual. Who else realized how boring there life was after the Olympics were over? This sports writer did, so he’s back with a vengeance with 22 sports thoughts that are sure to make you question why I still have a job here. We went with 22 […]