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“You may make it. You may not. But that doesn’t matter, Jammer. What matters is that you’re here. Look around. Who ever thought you’d make it this far. 1..2..3.. triple deke. Take your best shot. I believe in you Jammer. Win or lose.”–Gordon Bombay, pumping me up before my latest sports fodder. 1.  I defy […]

The Red Wings are out. So is Ovechkin. Chicago is still in. As of now, so is Sidney Crosby. Gary Bettman is still running the NHL. The NHL is still running in Phoenix. LT is being charged with rape. Dustin Byfuglien got away with rape . Sports suck. So here are 24 thoughts, all about […]

Rah Rah-ah-ah-ah, Roma Roma-ma, Jammer ooh la la, I want your romance. 21 thoughts this week in honor of the amount of people who now think I am an absolute flamer. 1. Let’s get er rollin with the funniest video I’ve seen in a long time. Who needs a “Bad Romance” when you got a “Habs […]

As I watched the Montreal Canadiens defeat the Washington Capitals, the number 1 seed in the NHL playoffs, I was left thinking to myself “this is going to ruin the NHL playoffs”. While I’m not against the casual underdog claiming improbable victory, the lasting impact of a colossal upset (like we saw on Wednesday night […]

Cialis Fodder


I used to be addicted to blogging. I’d blog in the day, at night, on vacation, I’d even blog from the ferry terminal. It was starting to become a real problem. Then my doctor prescribed me something…and then my blogging… just sorta stopped… *up comes Cialis logo* 1.  There has to be something said for […]

Helllllo everyone and welcome to another week of sports fodder that gets it poppin’, Fat Joe style. We went with 23 thoughts this week in honor of the amount of penalty minutes Vancouver Canucks’ Andrew Alberts has in 2 games this playoff. (See point 18 for more details.) 1. As we regress that the Masters […]

Another week and another round of thoughts. This week we thought we’d have some fun poking at President Barack Obama, Tiger Woods, and the world’s most dedicated father. We went with 25 thoughts this week in honor of the amount of times commentator Kevin Weekes said the term “goal line stand” during last night’s Canucks/Red […]

This week we got 26 thoughts for you on the revealing yet satisfying week in the world of sports. We went with 26 thoughts in honour of the TV show Glee, which has produced 26 singles that have made it onto the US Billboard Hot 100, including this one that peaked at number five: […]