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Mo-Mo-Mo-Modaaaaaaaaaaaano. He is. He is. Mo-Mo-Mo-Modaaaaaaaaaaaano. The hometown boy has finally come home. The highest scoring American player of all time has signed on for 1 year with the Detroit Red Wings. Pimpin. Many of you are probably wondering how and when he came to this decision. Lucky for you, I did some snooping around […]

Ok I know this is an old clip, but I’m going to go on record and call this “The Greatest Youtube Clip of ALL TIME”.  Here are Jammers’ favourite parts about this clip: 1) Booker T’s reaction to the whole thing. Right when he says it, he knows exactly what he said 2) The chick […]

April is upon us and I still have a job here. Wow! This week we are paying homage to the legendary Jack Bauer, whose hit show “24” is being cancelled after this season. So, in honor of Agent Bauer, we are going with 24 thoughts this week because I love the show, and because 24 […]