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Happy Ramadan!


As-Salāmu `Alaykum (السلام عليكم) to all my readers. Given the nature of the opening sentence, I may only have 2 minutes to finish this post before United States’ Secret Service rolls up to my house. Given that Ramadan has now finally moved back into the summer, this year may be among the toughest Ramadan periods […]

As we all watched (happily) as the United States got knocked out of the World Cup earlier today, I couldn’t help but think what they needed to add in order to improve 4 years from now. Well, they need strikers (not one goal in World Cup Play from a striker since 1992), they could definitely […]

Is douchebaggery a word? Probably not, but that hasn’t stopped us before. This picture should say it all, but we’ll feel free to expand on it in Point#1 to provide you the detail and analysis that you demand. We went with 22 thoughts this week to pay homage to the 22 fans who renewed their […]

Is it wrong that Lebron’s mom made more headlines this week than Lebron himself? Nope. It’s stuff like this that keeps terrible blogs like this running. We pay homage to Lebron’s mom this week because it appears the only thing easier than her might be the cheap laughs I get off making fun of her […]

April is upon us and I still have a job here. Wow! This week we are paying homage to the legendary Jack Bauer, whose hit show “24” is being cancelled after this season. So, in honor of Agent Bauer, we are going with 24 thoughts this week because I love the show, and because 24 […]